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roku The Godfather Online Full Movie

Ratings=9,2 of 10 stars
reviews=In New York City, 1945, Michael Corleone, a decorated World War II veteran and son of Vito Corleone, the Don of the Corleone crime family, is determined to live a life with his greatest love, Kay Adams, and stay out of the family business. But with the health and status of his father slowly deteriorating, Michael begins to realize that some burdens cannot be avoided, and the inevitability of his fate as the patriarch of the Corleone crime family
actor=Diane Keaton
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The following writing which you are about to read has little bits of things in it that might spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it (which I would not recommend. So please do not read this OR see the movie.
This movie sucks. This is one of those rubbish old mafia films from 30 years ago back when they still didn’t know how to make them properly with lots of killings and foul language. It’s just rubbish. If I wanted to watch fat old men sitting around a table and talking for three hours I’d go to some place where they do that and watch them instead.
It doesn’t even have any plots to it. Everybody just speaks in a strange language like I’m supposed to understand that. This one guy in the movie is the worst heaving windbag I’ve ever seen in my life. He even kills himself with oranges which is so stupid because oranges aren’t even poisonous.
Please do not watch this film. It is too rubbish for words (although I have used words in what I have just said. Watch a proper mafia film like Goodfellas or Corky Romano instead.

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